Personal Growth in Your 20s

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s

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What is Personal Growth?

We all experience personal growth, but how do you describe it? Is it something we experience when we go through a type of change? Is it a lifestyle change? Is it something we go through when we learn something new?

I think it’s all of the above. According to Thrive Global, “personal growth is a process by which a person recognizes himself/herself and continually develops himself/herself to reach his or her full potential. Personal growth is an important part of a person’s growth, maturity, success, and happiness.”

Everyone experiences some form of personal growth at some point in their lives, probably more than once or twice. There’s no determination as to when an individual will experience this. It all comes down to the timing and the situation or place an individual is currently experiencing in their life and how they react to it.

To Those of You in Your 20s, This is For You in Mind

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s 1

When you enter your 20s, you start to see things differently. If you’re wondering how I know this is because that happened for me on my 20th birthday in 2012. And the day you turn 20 years old, you are no longer a teenager! You’re really viewed as an adult now.

You are no longer in high school, and you are facing the real world and living in it. Some of you are probably in college. Some of you are probably joining the military. Some of you may have decided to take some time off from school to focus on yourselves. And some of you may even feel like you’re unsure about what you want to do in life. With that being said, your 20s can be a point in life when you experience personal growth.

Personal Growth While in College

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s 2

Entering your 20s is an excellent time to reflect on what you want to do and how you want to live your life since you are in the early stages of adulthood. You begin to see yourself in the real world, and it’s a whole different world compared to how we viewed it as teenagers in high school, and you probably have a couple of years of college completed already.

For those of you in college, this is a place in your life where you not only discover new things about yourself, but you experience personal growth within yourself. You’re no longer in high school, and you’re receiving a different type of education. Some of you probably go to college in another city and/or state, and some of you probably go to college close to home.

Either way, you’re experiencing some new changes as you further your education, and as you do that, you’re also learning new things about yourself and who you want to be. As you continue your journey in college, you grow more as a person because you also see things differently than the way you have when you were in high school. It’s a personal growth that makes you mature with wisdom and knowledge as you experience the real world along with obtaining a college education.

College can be a place where you find yourself and your calling. Sure, there will undoubtedly be stressful times in college since college life does come with a lot of work like writing essays, exams, projects, etc. But if you choose something that interests you, like a major that would lead to your dream career, it can be rewarding in the long run.

Also, if you happen to take a class that’s a requirement and you were dreading it but end up loving it by the end of the semester, it’s fulfilling and proof that a type of personal growth has taken place with you because you discovered something new about yourself.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Experience The Real World

Whether you choose to go to college or not, you still experience some form of personal growth while in your 20s. One thing I’ve learned in my 20s is that I’m experiencing the real world and “adulting” in a variety of ways, and I know I’m not the only one doing so. One way to experience personal growth in the real world is to get out of your comfort zone.

You can get out of your comfort zone by trying something you wouldn’t normally do.

For example, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t do much outdoors or you want to try something exhilarating that would be fun yet make you nervous in some way like scuba diving or zip-lining, try it. It’s okay to try something new because it allows you to explore what you like and dislike. Doing something like that lets you experience things in the real world where you can share about it and maybe inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy incredible adventures in their lives as well.

Another way to get out of your comfort zone and personally grow is by meeting new people. You can meet new people anywhere you go. You can meet new people by joining a club or group. For instance, you love going on bike rides or reading books of a particular genre. You can use your passion for things like that to find groups on Facebook, and you can also find organizations or clubs within your community and join them with other people who share the same interests as you.

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s 3
Meeting and socializing with new people is an opportunity to meet people just like you.

What Makes Personal Growth in Your 20s Important?

Why is it so important to recognize personal growth in your 20s? Well, for starters, the day you turn 20 years old marks the beginning of your first decade as an adult. Sure, you become an adult the day you turn 18, but you’re still considered a teenager at 18 and 19 years old. As I mentioned already, entering your 20s means that you are no longer a kid, and people start to see you as an adult, and ten years after your 20th birthday, you begin a journey in your 30s.

You will be in your 20s for a decade, and a lot can happen in that time frame. Whatever happens in your 20s depends on the approach you use and how you choose to handle it. You have ten years of life lessons and experiences waiting for you. Maybe some of you have even made a bucket list of some sort, and on that list can be some things you want to do while you are in your 20s. My advice to you is, do it. I say that because you’re only in your 20s once, and once those ten years are up, you won’t be able to get them back. And you will have another decade aged on you once you hit 30.

Entering your 20s is a complete transition. You may feel like nothing has changed the day you turn 20, like an “I feel the same as I did yesterday when I was 19” kinda feeling; however, as you go on this life journey into your 20s, you begin to see everything around you with a fresh set of eyes. You start to notice a change inside of you when you experience things you never have before, and you begin to look at everything and everyone around you differently. As soon as you notice that change, that is when you feel like you are in your 20s. That feeling is called personal growth!

Personal growth is an interesting feeling when you experience it in your 20s, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It may feel scary and probably make you excited and nervous at the same time, and that’s a good thing because personal growth makes you aware and can prompt you to live your life and “Adult” to the best of your ability.

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s 4
Goodbye teen years, hello adulthood!

So with everything I just mentioned, use your years in your 20s to your advantage. Allow yourself to grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Open up your eyes to the world around you and let personal growth happen. Just go with the flow as you develop into the person you want to be and how you want to live your life.

If You Feel Some Tough Times in Your 20s

I already mentioned how personal growth can be beneficial to you from a positive perspective, but what if you experience something that you never thought of going through in your whole life?

Well, that’s where personal growth can also serve as a benefit. Being in your 20s can have you facing some struggles and hardships. They can be anything like a stressful job, someone you know going through a difficult situation that affects your life, financial problems of some sort, or even just a period in your life where things seem like chaos. You can use those struggles as a learning experience, whatever it may be. We all go through some tough times, I know I have, and one of the things I have learned through my struggles is to always have faith and always think positive.

Never give up!

Things might seem chaotic if you’re experiencing some low points in your 20s, but remember that there is always a bright side to everything. If there are times when you feel sad or stressed from the chaos you are enduring, focus on all the good things in your life. Count your blessings, pray to God for his guidance, and know that you are not alone.

If you have a period in your life where you think there aren’t any 20-somethings going through the same thing, remember that they are probably going through something similar. Eventually, that struggle can be transformed into something positive.

The Importance of Personal Growth In Your 20s 5
If you’re going through a tough time in your 20s, remember this post by Sigmund Freud. I also have another post that discusses this quote in more detail right here.

If you’re going through a tough time, something else to try is to reach out to someone older than you that you trust and confide in. It can be an older sibling, a parent, grandparent, etc. Reach out and open up to them because they have probably experienced some tough times in their 20s as well. They possibly might have embraced their tough times in their personal growth, and they can offer you advice if they went through a similar situation you might be going through to help you see it in a positive light.

This person you confide in can support you by being a shoulder for you to lean on and someone you can let it all out with, and they can help you find a way to embrace that struggle as a life lesson and an experience to aid you in your personal growth. And don’t be afraid to reach out to that someone you trust because you might also be helping that person with their struggles in return.

So, when the day comes when you feel the negativity decrease, and you’re filled with more peace and ease, you can use that struggle as a way to remember how you got to the place that is no longer filled with chaos and has nothing but good vibes. You can also use the tough time and struggles you have experienced to help someone in the future who might be going through their hardships and obstacles. Overall, it’s impressive how a hard time can leave a positive impact and can be used as a tool to help those like yourself who are going through tough times.

If you want to hear something that will keep you motivated to turn your tough time into a positive result, remember this quote I have on here from Sigmund Freud. I agree with everything he says in that quote because it is true. There is proof that when you look back on the years, you once struggled, it can be viewed as beautiful because of all the hard work and dedication you used to get out of that struggle and to a point in your life where there is no struggle or tough times, just good vibes. All the more reason to know that personal growth is a good thing to experience, especially in your 20s.

The Most Important Lesson on Personal Growth

You learn so much as you live out your life in your 20s. The one lesson that is most important when you experience personal growth is the quality of your life. We all say we want to have time in our lives to try something, and after all, we only live once in a lifetime. One thing to remember when we want to make time to try and do something is to ensure that there is just enough quality as there is the quantity of time to do so.

You want to make sure that when you try something new, you will also want to have quality and value. This is especially true for all of us in our 20s. Let’s say you want to travel to a place you have never been to before and you want to do it before you turn 30. You wouldn’t want to go to a place you have never been to alone, right? You want to go with someone like your significant other, your best friends, or a sibling(s) you are close with. Going on a trip like that allows you to make memories and have fun.

You get to bond with them and try new things at this vacation destination. Having an experience like this provides you and the people with some personal growth.

The quality you put forth with the time you have in your 20s is key to personal growth. Using valued time to learn new things, mature with knowledge and wisdom, and set goals for success and happiness are essential to your personal growth process. It’s important to know that when you put a lot of valued time and effort to achieve something that benefits your personal growth, you also want to be happy with everything you get in return for that valued time. And by happy, I mean happy in general.

Personal growth in your 20s quote by Abraham Lincoln
This is so true and a great quote for those experiencing personal growth

The quote above were words spoken by the 16th president of the United States. Honestly, these words can make you look at your life as a whole with a different perspective than what you had viewed it with.

I explained why the quality of time is the most important lesson when you undergo personal growth, but I also mentioned happiness. Overall, when you grow as a person, you want to be happy with everything you have and be happy with yourself in general. And who doesn’t want to be happy?

Happiness resulting in quality valued time is a great thing to have while growing in your 20s. So when you take quality valued time and happiness into consideration for your personal growth, you cannot help but notice how accurate Abraham Lincoln’s quote is to how you evaluate yourself as you continue to grow. And one day, when you look back, you can say that the life in your years weighs more than the years in your life.

So in closing, do not be afraid to undergo personal growth because it can lead to many opportunities and help you be the person you want to be. Branch out, expand your horizons, and live life in your 20s to the fullest.

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  1. Great insights! Personal growth is HUGE and I wish more of my peers would be insightful and focus on what they want in life.

  2. Great post! I definitely learned a lot about myself. I would do some things differently regarding career choice for sure. I think your 30s are the best, and you realize how much you’ve grown mentally and emotionally since your 20s.

  3. Great post! Some people think that adults are somehow “ready”, but we should always be growing. I think your 20s are so much more important than your teens. It would be nice if all the pictures had the same width as the text 🙂

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    1. Jemima, I agree. We always learn something new and more so in our 20s, it’s all about how we react and approach the situation as a whole. And thank you for your input and I’m glad you enjoyed reading it

    1. Laura, I’ll be 29 years old in April and I have learned a lot in the past nine years. It’s definitely a defining experience in everyone’s life and I’ll have to check that book out too.

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